Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

How they are raised:

We will harvest the Red Rangers this weekend at 12 weeks.

Pick up at post office

When they are old enough and weather conditions permit we move them to their outside protective enclosure. The enclosure is moved often to keep fresh grass under foot.  Depending on weather condition they still have access to a heat lamp.

Open box at home

The boilers are 5 weeks old and we have separated them into separate enclosures.  Each chick now has about 6  - 7 square feet of space.   We hatched laying chicks last year and now have too many roosters so we placed the surplus roosters in with the broilers.

We harvested the Cornish X at 8 3/4 weeks (as shown in below picture).  The dressed weight was between 5 and 6.5 pounds.

The first week or so they are kept in the barn under a heat lamp.

Heat, food, & water

Stay tuned for more upcoming pictures.

Here they are just three weeks old.  25 Cornish Crosses and 25 Red Rangers.  When they get larger we separate them into multiple coops to keep from over crowding.  Notice outside the enclosure some of our egg laying chickens are checking the chicks out.

We order our chicks from McMurray hatchery.  They arrive via U.S. Postal Service.  It is cool going into the post office and hearing the chicks chirping in the background.