Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

Second calf was a bull calf we named "Jedidiah" which means "Beloved of the Lord". He arrived February 6, 2016 to mother "Polly" (Jed is 1 day old)

Judith (TJ) is 5 days old.

Jed is 5 days old.

Karmel is 12 hours old.

2016 Calving Season.  (next calf due Feb 11, 2017)

Kiva is 3 days old.

First calf was a heifer we named "Josephine" which means "God will add". She arrived January 12, 2016 to mother "Talia" (Josie is 5 days old)

Third calf was a heifer we named "Judith" which means "Women of Judea" and the feminine form of Judah which means "The praised one". She arrived September 30, 2016 to mother "Mattie".  Her full name, after her sire, is Thunder's Judith.  TJ is her nickname. She is just a few hours old in the picture.

"Talia" with her first calf "Josephine". We call her Josie. (Josie is 1 day old)

2017 Calving Season. 

Third calf was born to the Polly.  It's a little heifer named Karmel.  She was born March 18, 2017.

I call her cutie pa-toot-ee

Kaleb is 2 days old.

Second calf was born to the Talia.  It's a little boy named Kaleb.  He was born February 9, 2017.

He is a cutie.

First calf was born to the Jersey (Bella) we purchased in January.  It's a little boy named Kiva.  He was born February 8, 2017.

We are enjoying the fresh milk