Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

Our goals are to raise food products in a more natural way.   The way our forefathers (and mothers) raised their livestock.  Hence the  "Heritage" in our name.

We strive for the highest quality products.  We have a symbiotic relationship with our animals in that we provide a natural lifestyle for them and they give back sustenance.

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​Grass Fed Beef


Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while raising animals on natural grass pasture without the confinement of feedlots.  The beef animals graze freely with the herd without being confined to a fattening pen. 

We do not use hormones and only use antibiotics for the animals well being.

If antibiotics are used on a beef animal the meat will be marked and


Grass Fed Milk

Grass fed Jersey milk.   Wholesome unadulterated sustenance.

Pastured Poultry

Our poultry is pasture raised with no medicated feed and no hormones.  They roam on green grass within their protective enclosure.  Their enclosure is moved as grass conditions indicate so they always have fresh grass underfoot.  They can relax in the shade or enjoy the rays of sunshine.

Free Range Eggs

The layers always have access to the outdoors with grass underfoot.  Their afternoons consist of total free range in the yard and pasture.  They are fed a NON-GMO diet.