About Lil Cypress Creek Miniature Herefords

We started working on transforming our 14 acres into a farm in 2014.  We had a lot of debris to clean ​​up from the 2011 tornado.  By ourselves we built our first barn and installed a fence around the perimeter.  By May of 2015 we were able to purchase our first two bred heifers (from Long Creek Farms) and a steer (from Sandy Hills Farm) to finish out.  October of 2015 we purchased a bred cow and two more steers from Sandy Hills Farm.  Now we are working on getting our cows to calve.  This foundation will be used to grow our herd while developing the steers into beef to provide revenue for expansion.

Our meat birds inside their movable protective enclosure..

Our Jersey arrived in January 2016.  Her name is Bella..

Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

During spring break we started work on renovating the first two acres of our pasture.  Tilled the soil then applied liquid lime to increase the ph.  Then packed the seedbed and broadcast the Quick & Big crabgrass seed and repacked for good seed to soil contact.


Pasture Raised Beef

 Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while raising animals on natural grass pasture without the confinement of feedlots.  The beef animals graze freely with the herd without being confined to a fattening pen. 

We do not use hormones and only use antibiotics for the animals well being.  If antibiotics are used on a beef animal the meat will be marked and discounted.

Please contact us for current beef availability.




Alongside our beef operation we also raise poultry.  Our poultry is pasture raised with no medicated feed and no hormones.  They roam on green grass within their protective enclosure.  Their enclosure is moved as grass conditions indicate so they always have fresh grass underfoot.  They can relax in the shade or enjoy the rays of sunshine.

Please contact us for current meat bird availability.


We have milk from a Grass-Fed Jersey cow.  She roams and grazes the pasture with our beef herd.

Please contact us for current milk availability.


Our layers have 24/7 access to the outdoors.  They are fed a Non-GMO diet.  This results in very flavorful eggs..

Please contact us for current egg availability.